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I kicked-off 2018 by attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando, FL. There was so much to see, I felt like a kid in a candy store. My Apple watch registered over 14.97miles (32,633 steps) for the three days that I attended. I met some great designers and industry leaders.

As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so let us begin there. It was certainly an amazing experience visiting the vignettes presented by brands such as Miele Inc., Dacor, LG and Signature Kitchen Suite, True Residential, Perlick: and the list goes on. The range of Kitchen applicances with hi-tech features were everywhere.

Photos taken by Camille Scott Interiors unless otherwise noted

I was really smitten by Dacor’s Modernist Collection. The range is a statement piece. It comes with two sets of burners: one you cook with and the other set (brass) – is like fine jewelry that you showcase when you are partying or entertaining guests. It is chock-full of innovations, including touch interface with Wi-Fi, steam roasting and baking, and a vent hood that comes on automatically! This appliance is one that I would recommend to my clients. Bon appétit!

Miele Inc. pronounced ‘me-luh’ (rhymes with ‘Sheila’) – It’s German. So enough of that! Several of their refrigerators were reimagined for my universal design clients with all the bells and a few whistles. The temperature settings are touch interface located at seated eye-level. The wine units were impressive, with multiple temperature controls for different types of wine: geared towards the best settings to mesmerize your palette. You can label each rack and adjust them to suit – kampai everyone!


Photo taken from Miele Inc.’s website

There were other brands with similar refrigeration features. However, Miele’s presentation was finesse!

Let us not forget the food nuking movement. Microwaves have become an essential part of our daily lives and it too has undergone its own revolution. It seems as if the convection feature in microwaves will at some point become standard. Many of the appliance exhibitors showcased this combination way of cooking with Wi-Fi integration, and of course, live food preparation. Signature Kitchen Suite has a really nice over-the-stove microwave with these upgrades.

At the end of the day, who wants to clean up and wash dishes? Not me, that’s for sure! Any volunteers? Thanks to dishwashers, we don’t have to labor over the kitchen sink – unless you want to. Dishwashers are now sleeker, with three rack levels at varying heights. The noise levels (decibels – db.) are becoming quieter and all’s well that ends well, huh! The initial cost might be a little steep, but remember: it pays for itself over time, especially with the water and energy conservation wash cycles. Not to mention Wi-Fi integration! Did I say Wi-Fi integration? By the way, I am sorry to say, it doesn’t unload itself. That being said, I was really impressed with the LG dishwasher; it is very quiet with decibels as low as 44 – WOW!

Photo take from LG’s website

Finally, I must say, the color and presentation award goes to True Refrigeration (my opinion, of course). You know, when, as you are walking by and you capture something at the corner of your eye, stopping you in your tracks, honey, that was me passing by this vignette. I love cobalt blue! Not to mention the brass trims on the refrigerators and cabinets – amazing! Well done. Dear future clients please take a hint; don’t be afraid of color.

Think of appliances as having the right tools for the job; the same way in which we have our fetishes for electronics, cars and shoes.

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